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Are You Tired of Prospects Throwing Away Your Business Cards?

Here’s a way to maximize the effectiveness of your business card as well as adding value to them.

Instead of wasting money adding graphics to the back of your cards that will never get looked or adding calendars that will give your clients an expiration date to throw away your business cards,

Try what we did instead…

Last year we partnered with country clubs, restaurants, hair salons & more to give discounts to their clients if they showed our business card with a discount/coupon on the back.

Now, instead of simply tossing our business cards in the trash, our network of partners/vendors proudly distribute thousands of our cards each month to potential clients because it didn’t cost them anything to make the cards and it brings them business.

This is just one way, we use this concept of creating partnerships with vendors who serve our target market.

If you want to use your creativity, you can think of lots of ways to implement this trick.

I hope this helps and remember…

Be different & Set yourself apart.



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