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It was early 2007, and I had only been a licensed real estate agent for a few months. I was still in the “getting ready to get ready” phase. I was under the impression that colorful business cards and flashy websites were necessary to attract business (or maybe just to show my friends.) I had done very little prospecting for business, and was very concerned that I had not yet made enough contacts in the real estate industry, nor had I endured enough training to be successful. I started attending the training’s that my brokerage at the time was holding. One of them in particular has stuck with me; “How to Get More Listings.”

To this day, I still remember what I learned from the office manager during this class, and I am grateful for all he taught me. I credit him with helping me to be where I am at today; he was absolutely instrumental in the creation of the successful career I have built for myself.

The office manager started the training by having us close our eyes, and imagine a situation:

“Close your eyes” he said. “Think about someone you love so much that you know you could not live without them.”

“Now imagine you are at a Doctor’s appointment with that person, and you see the Doctor walking in.”

“The Doctor tells you this person is going to die, and the only way to save them is to get a listing in the next 72 hours…what would you do?”

“Would you just get up and start knocking on doors like a madman, and set appointments to deliver the powerful presentation ever? Or would go get your nails done at 10:00 AM because everyone else is at work?”

Even in this imaginary scenario, I felt the sense of urgency, the panic had set in. It kicked me into overdrive, and in my head I imagined myself knocking on every door, calling every number in the phone book, etc.

Although this type of training is extreme, it was quite effective. The purpose of his teachings was to instill a sense of accountability in yourself. Often times the accountability we have to others is what grounds us with a sense of accountability to ourselves.

Unfortunately, we almost always wait for bad news before we make drastic changes, or until the sense of urgency kicks in. Many people do not make changes or aspire for further greatness (or even survival) until they have hit rock bottom. Maxed out credit cards, past due bills, creditors calling.

It is imperative to get out of your comfort zone. Living in your “Comfort zone” feel so good; that’s why it’s called “comfort.” No feeling of fears, no risk to take, just doing the bare minimum to live and sustain.

Did we all forget why we are in real estates? Do we want to just “get by” in life?

Most of us are in this career because we  know we can do better, we know we can help others, and know we can make things happen that others cannot. We don’t need bosses, we’re self starters. We are entrepreneurs; independent and strong willed!

Because we love and care for our families, and want to provide them with the best. No matter your background, you can be a successful real estate agent.

Are you going to wait for the doctor to give you the bad news…or are you going to get a head start on your own success? Don’t hit the bottom before you reach for the top, there’s a better way of doing things!

Allison James Estates and Homes is a  Nationwide Brokerage which offers 100% commission, and 100% Support! Why split your commission if you don’t need to? You earned it all, so shouldn’t you keep it all? Our goal at Allison James is to always give back to our agents by providing education, training sessions,Live Webinars , live events & Full Broker Support with the most up to date tools and technology available. We are always looking for new tools, and ways to be able to provide them to our agents at a lower or discounted price, so You can keep Your hard earned money for the important things in life, And the people you love.

Jessica Crumbaugh 

Vice President

Allison James Estate & Homes