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In this week’s #AJI Tech Corner we go over the Google Chrome Extension Bomb Bomb where you can send video emails to your contacts! The statistics show that video emails convert more leads and get more replies than traditional emails. This is a great system to help boost your Real Estate Business!

Allison James Estates and Homes is a  Nationwide Brokerage which offers 100% commission, and 100% Support! Why split your commission if you don’t need to? You earned it all, so shouldn’t you keep it all? Our goal at Allison James is to always give back to our agents by providing education, training sessions,Live Webinars , live events & Full Broker Support with the most up to date tools and technology available. We are always looking for new tools, and ways to be able to provide them to our agents at a lower or discounted price, so You can keep Your hard earned money for the important things in life, And the people you love.

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