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Recruiting new agents is a great way to expand your firm and in return, expand your profits. Hear from one of our own , Jeff Green , AJI’s Northern California Broker & shares how he has  increased his recruiting number over the years and grew his profit center & area.


Q: When did you start with AJI

A: 2/12/11


Q: How many agents did you start out with/ how many agents do you have now?


Q: What did you do and tools did you utilize to increase to the number of agents you have to today?
A: Social Media, Personal Calls, Networking with other agents


Q: Do you think coaching new agents through their first couple of transaction has benefited you in terms of increasing the number of agents under you and your area as opposed to not taking on new agents?
A: yes, but I coach them through 5 deals


Q: What’s new in terms of recruiting now that is significantly different than say when you first started with AJI?
A: Jeff Jabbora – he is amazing at what he does


Q: What are some of the most important things brokers should be doing to ensure a great end of the year and hit their recruiting goal?


A: Make our existing agents happy by providing super fast highly attentive service when agents need help.  If agents are happy they will tell other agents about our firm.  Set up systems to provide info and services.

What are you waiting for brokers? We are here to challenge you to set a goal for the next 6 months on recruiting a total numbers of agents and working with us to reach it!


Please remember, we are always here for  you. Our goal is for you to grow your area and your income.  Please feel free to reach out to us if we can be of any assistance.


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