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  1.  Open BrokerWOLF and SkySlope
  2.  Open SkySlope file
  3.  Go to 2.1 in BrokerWOLF (Transaction Record)
  4.  Search by all then sort by street number
  5.  Make sure you are in correct file by file number on Pending Report (Google Doc) and BrokerWolf
  6.  Open CDA in SkySlope file ‘Checklist’, verify closing date on CDA and in BrokerWOLF
  7.  Verify purchase price (Keep Override)
  8.  Click on File Requirements and click on Comp Box
  9.  Look at CDA and verify commission (CDA AND HUD HAVE TO MATCH)
  10.  Click on ‘Commissions’ tab, make sure commission matches CDA here, net has to match CDA
  11.  Click on ‘Agent Info’ tab, confirm closing date
  12.  Finalize (verify the file actually closed) (If cancellation is in docs, confirm the file cancelled
  13.  Agent Info, finalize, conditions not met
  14.  On Pending Report highlight blue and make a note
  15.  Open 8.2 (Agent’s Check)
  16.  Select ‘Paid by escrow’
  17.  Check Type
  18.  Check date is closing date
  19.  Select include box, select escrow
  20.  Hit Print and email button (that sends a copy to the agent)
  21.  Go to SkySlope, click Manage Transactions
  22.  Highlight by clicking one time
  23.  Click Archive
  24.  In Pending Report highlight BLUE
  25.  Make a note and make sure you initial your note