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  1. Look up file in SkySlope
  2. Open Checklist to verify a cancellation has been uploaded
  3. If CDA has been issued, Go to Homepage
  4. Go To Manage Transactions
  5. Search Address
  6. Click One Time to Highlight Blue
  7. Select Archive Transaction
  8. Select Submit on popup
  9. Go To Homepage
  10. Click ‘Access Archives’
  11. Search Property Address
  12. Hover over property address, click ‘Reactivate File’
  13. Go To Homepage
  14. Click Manage Transactions
  15. Search Property Address
  16. Double click to open File
  17. On the Transaction Tab Update ‘Closing Date’ Box
  18. Click ‘CDA Sent’ Button
  19. Type in the New Closing Date
  20. Click OK
  21. Go to BrokerWolf
  22. Go Into 2.1 and search the property address
  23. Update the Closing Date
  24. Click Store