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Allison James Estates and Homes (AJI) is a leading residential real estate brokerage firm with more than 1200 real estate agents representing 15 states, including: Arizona, California, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Washington D.C.

Founded in 2008 by James Crumbaugh III, a 40-year Florida-based real estate veteran who shrewdly recognized that traditional real estate brokerage models were outdated. He created AJI as a new breed of real estate brokerage firms that emphasized minimal overhead and 100 percent agent commissions. In 2012, Crumbaugh sold the company to his son Matthew and daughter-in-law Jessica. Even though it was in the middle of the worst real estate downturns in modern history, the husband and wife team rapidly advanced AJI’s business model. Matthew and Jessica first moved the company’s headquarters to Carlsbad, CA, and then expanded the company’s presence into a nationwide network of seasoned real estate professionals from California to Florida. Agents quickly recognized the potential of the new business model that couples a lucrative commission structure with a simple fee arrangement.

The AJI fee structure model three different plans:

Plan A – Annual plan of $3,950

Plan B – $395 a month

Plan C – $35 a month with a transaction fee of $425

* May vary per state

Without the costs and headaches of maintaining an expensive “brick and mortar” facility and unreasonable commission splits, the new AJI ownership team focused on creating a robust infrastructure that provided cutting-edge back office technology and superior remote agent support. This includes electronic transactions, online lead management and referral systems, and multistate branding. However, perhaps one of the biggest benefits for real estate agents is AJI’s commitment to continuing education, support, mentorship, and training. In fact, the company established a free, open to all, online educational series of real estate and business classes presented under the umbrella of “Allison James University.” These courses focus on core skills and continuing education classes required for state licensing purposes. However, AJU also provides webinars and online classes on modern sales techniques, closing strategies, and personal improvement.

Benefits For Real Estate Agents;

Today, AJI real estate Agents benefit from the company’s vision in two distinct ways:

First, AJI agents enjoy the benefits of working independently from their home office regardless of location- but still have the security of being supported with flawless back-office infrastructure, cutting-edge educational and career building programs, and respected national recognition.

Second, because AJI has established a nationwide presence, agents are better protected from the ebb and flow of regional real estate trends and diverse market fluctuations. This same coast-to-coast footprint allows AJI to leverage its scope and scale when it comes purchasing power, including marketing materials, signage, and even temporary meeting space.

Benefits For Real Estate Brokers;

Real estate brokers also benefit from the AJI culture and business model. Brokers who are unable or unwilling to be saddled with expensive overhead and anemic profits soon find out that selling their business is next to impossible. However by signing on with AJI, brokers are provided a clean exit strategy from their existing flag, while also eliminating their costly overhead and opening the door for making at least five times more profit. While it is true that AJI was founded in the middle of the worst housing downturns in modern history, it is also true that these challenging times were the perfect storm to test the steel of its paradigm-changing business model. If the proof is in the eating, then AJI has created an amazing recipe for continued success. Since its founding, has experienced exponential year-over-year growth in both velocity and volume. In 2015, AJI recording 9,600 completed transactions that were valued at $2.8 billion. The year before AJI posted 3,000 sales for $1.5 billion.

Today, AJI is poised to become a leader in thought and performance with its revolutionary remote real estate brokerage model that emphasizes low overhead and high profits.

Our goal at Allison James is to always give back to our Agents by providing education, training sessions, live Webinars , live events and full broker support with the most up to date tools and technology available. We are always looking for new tools, and ways to be able to provide them to our agents at a lower or discounted price, so you can keep your hard earned money for the important things in life, and the people you love.