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Welcome aboard! We are delighted to have you with us. The next step is for you to transfer your real estate license to our firm.

Here are step by step instructions on how to do so:

1) You will need to have both a form 504 and a 505 filled out.

A) The form 505 is the termination/release from your previous broker.

B) The form 504 is the activation/transfer to us, your new firm.

C) Please have the 505 form filled out and signed by your previous broker.

D) Please have the 504 form filled out with all of your information, but do not fill in our office information. Our broker will do this for you when you meet with him in person.

E) Here are the links to the forms:

2) Please contact your new broker Ron Ventura to coordinate meeting with him at his office to sign your RE 504 form.
** Ideally you will want to have your 505 form already signed by your former broker, so you can go to the NRED office after and have everything you need.

3) After meeting with Ron to have your form 504 signed, please make a copy of both your 504 and 505 prior to going to the NRED office. Please maintain a copy of these for your records.

4) Go to the NRED office in person and file both the 504 and 505 form.

5) In about 30 days, Ron will receive a copy of your license and will contact you to notify you that the transfer has been complete.

6) Please coordinate with your new broker Ron Ventura directly to transfer your Board of Realtors and MLS transfer as well.

** Please note- do not fill out anything using a digital signature program. NRED requires original wet signature from both you and the broker in order to process.

Your new brokers contact information is:


Ron Ventura- Managing Broker
Allison James Estates and Homes, LLC
O: 702-734-7297
C: 702-279-3090