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As the years pass and the face of society changes, there remain certain traditions and days that we must never change or allow to go uncelebrated.

 As we approach summer and what many feel to be the beginning of the summer season, Memorial Day originally called Decoration Day, is a time of remembrance and a time to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and our freedom.  Although not considered a National Holiday until 1971, the remembrance and honoring of our fallen soldiers has been a tradition since 1868, when General John Logan proclaimed it to be a day to honor the dead, with over 5,000 participants decorating the some 20,000 graves of Union and Confederate soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery, where he made a speech.  This tradition remains a part of the celebration today, with flags being placed on the more than 260,000 gravestones at Arlington.

To all that were unable to go home and watch their kids smile, appreciate a meal at night and a kiss goodnight their loved ones;

To all that gave their life for something bigger than oneself, carried on their shoulders the fight for freedom, gave their lives for this great Nation;

To all that lost someone during the fight, that opened the door and received the flag of honor for their lost son or daughter, that watched the daily news and hoped for peace with every breath of their being, or had to tell their son ”daddy is not coming home”;

THANK YOU for your sacrifice, thank you for our freedom.

So, as you celebrate this day of honor, let’s all appreciate the freedoms we enjoy due to the sacrifices of these honorable men and women by sharing a bit of the history of this great country with our younger generations.  Let’s “Decorate” this day with the love of family, enjoyment of the celebration of honoring these true heroes and the passing down of the traditions that began so many years ago.

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