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You know how much we love autumn at Allison James Estates and Homes! One of the reasons we eagerly anticipate the fall season is because these days – between September and December – represent one of the best times of the year to use home staging as sales strategy. The fall season is a perfect opportunity to accentuate the warmth and the comfort of any home. In addition, many top realtors believe that staging actually helps to reduce the amount of time a home stays on the market.  

In fact, according to the National Home Staging Association, listed properties that are effectively staged sell approximately 75 percent faster than homes devoid of staging. Further, the association believes that if done correctly, staging for the autumn season can also add value to the sales price and help potential buyers view the home as “well-maintained”, resulting in fewer concessions during the closing process.

So to get the most out of this autumn season, try some of these great fall staging ideas to create a cozy mood and paint a warm picture for your home.

Exterior Autumn Staging Ideas:

  • Create a front porch that stands out. One of the best ways to accentuate the front porch is to accentuate those things that most owners take for granted, but every visitor notices. For example maybe add a new coat of paint or varnish to your front door. Check out your doormat, chances are it hasn’t been replaced for years. Try buying a new mat and adding a few plants or pumpkins to the front porch while you’re at it. Another great way to add a autumn feel to any porch is to hang a wreath on the door that embraces fall foliage. A nice wreath is very affordable, and can be the perfect touch during the Thanksgiving holiday. Also, people love the idea of a porch area with seating. If you have the room, try to add a seating area and highlight the area by adding a couple orange or yellow pillows. Potential buyers will immediately get a full fall feel
  • Tighten Up Your Landscaping. Usually, fall is the time of year when trees and plants get neglected or ignored. Take advantage of this trend by highlighting your landscaping by cutting away anything dead or overgrown. Clean the base of trees, shrubs and bushes. This will not only make your front yard “pop”, it might also help add additional natural light to your home’s entry.
  • Clean out gutters and rainspouts. There is nothing that says tired and run-down more than a rain gutter that is full of dead, moldy leaves. Take a couple of minutes to clean out this area from any debris or fallen leaves. By eliminating dirty, disorganized gutter mess, your home will look cleaner and well maintained.


Interior Autumn Staging Ideas:

  • Keep The Thermostat At A Comfortable Level. There is nothing more damaging to a fall staging effort that to walk into a home that is freezing! Make sure your home always has a comfortable level of warmth during the fall showing period. Potential buyers get distracted and anxious to leave when they feel cold. Check your heater and try to keep it at around 68 degrees in order to keep a comfortable temperature 24 hours a day.
  • Create ambience around your fireplace. This is the time of year when your fireplace can be an amazing sales amenity and center of attention. Make sure the fireplace is cleaned out and if it needs a little sprucing up, you can add a new coat of flame resistant black paint to the inside to make it look brand new! Another way to add ambience to a fireplace is to stack some wood near the fireplace and create a beautiful fall scene on your mantel.
  • Add A Little More Light. Because fall is the time of year when the days are a little shorter, adding some more lighting inside your home can really highlight any home during showings. Real estate experts advise to use at least three light sources in every room and turn on all the lights when showing your home, making it warm and full of light. If the home is empty, try using a timer and keep any entry light on to welcome buyers to the house.


– Vincent Aviani

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