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Course Introduction

1 . Overview – What to expect throughout the course. Suggested time frame and what you are responsible for in order to onboard successfully.

2 . KvCORE Powering Your Business Video- Overview of the kvCORE platform and how it can empower you to build and grow your business.

3 . Goals for Results – Short video on how to set meaningful, attainable goals that you can achieve through using kvCORE.

4 . Goals for Results Worksheet- Identify your goals and commitments. Print and set goals on your worksheet. Keep it accessible during and after completing the course. 

5 . Resources- Here you will find other relevant resources to help you with your onboarding and continued kvCORE education.

Most lessons will have homework items. If there are worksheets, you will be able to download and print those from the resources section. Action items should be completed before your weekly call and before moving on to the next chapter.


Chat:   Live chat on the bottom right of kvCORE dashboard

• KvCORE Support Portal: Click Here

• KvCORE Learning Portal: Bottom left corner of your kvCORE dashboard

Facebook Group: kvCORE Owner & Mastermind

Week 1: kvCORE Basics

1 . Profile & Dashboard set up.

2 .Understanding Statuses, Smart Campaigns, Listing & Behavioral Automation.

3 . Import Your Leads

4 . The Lead & Consumer Experience

5 . Engage your Leads & Sphere of Influence.

6 . KvCORE On The Go

☑  Set up Your Personal Profile & Connect your email account

☑  Understand the way statuses and campaigns will work for your leads and contacts

☑  Prepare your lead import

☑  Connect Zillow, or other 3rd Party Lead Sources

☑  Engage your imported leads with an Email or Text

☑  Download the mobile apps

☑  Attend the weekly success call

Next week we’ll take a look at how to empower all the ways you are currently driving business today – online, offline, etc.

In order to do this, you’ll need to take some time this week to look at all the places you have spent money over the last 90 days. This will be a good refresher for what has worked and what strategies you are already using that we can build upon.

Week 2: Empower Your Current Business

1 . Overview

2 . Work Your Business From the Dashboard

3 . Importance of Search Alerts, Seller Reports & Market Reports

4 . Lead Engine Overview

5 . Manage & Promote Listings

6 . Leverage Open Houses

7 . Smarter Print Campaigns

8 . Prospecting

9 . Survey

10 . Week 3 Prep

11 . Resources

☑ Complete your daily tasks for 3 consecutive days

☑ Complete your daily tasks on mobile at least 1 day

☑ Setup a search alert, seller report and market report for one of your leads

☑ Create and post a landing page and/or squeeze page to Facebook

☑ Attend Weekly Call

Go and talk to 3 other top producing agents to see how they are driving business.

Choose one of those ideas to work on next week using the platform topics that you will learn in week 3.

Week 3 - Drive New Business

1 . Time & Money- How to drive new leads

2 . Expanding Your SOI- 10×10

3 . Free Lead Gen: Listing Auto-poster

4 . Free Lead Gen: FB Group Posts (Squeeze Page/Landing Page, Niche Strategies etc.)

5 . Paid Lead Gen: PropertyBoost

6 . Paid Lead Gen: CORE Advertising (Google & Facebook)

7 . Paid Lead Gen: Listing Machine/Social

8 . Survey

8 . Week 4 Prep

Pick a strategy from one of the categories below to try out this week:

☑  Use a free lead strategy to generate at least 10 new leads

☑  Use a paid lead strategy to generate at least 10 new leads

Think about the best days of the week and times of day for you to consistently Therworking on your business in kvCORE

Next week we’ll be talking about how to drive a massive long-term change in your business by doing small simple things every day… or something like that

Week 4: Committing To The Program

1 . Importance of a Predictable Business Success Plan

2 . Committing to the Program

3 . Attitude & Accountability

☑ Don’t sweat the small stuff – focus on results – workarounds

☑ Manage Your Time- Time-blocking, Best time of day, Use a Calendar

☑ Create Your Daily / Weekly / Monthly Actions

☑ Find a buddy- Help each other succeed

☑ Stay positive and go big