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Email Template

Hi {first_name},

I’m doing a  “spring cleaning” of my database. So I am reaching out to everyone I have helped  or discussed real estate with during my many years in business.

It would be extremely helpful if you could let me know where you are in the process:

                •  Searching to purchase or sell and need assistance

               •  Resuming your search in the near future

               •  Already bought/sold (congratulations!)

My new website directly connects you to my MLS to view all currently available listings as well as my off-market listings 🙂

Check it out here: {agent_site_url}

I also have a mobile app that’s faster, easier to use and safer than giving up your information on sites like Zillow.

Here’s the link to download it: {agent_millions_mapped}

Feel free to use it, or pass it along to anyone who’s in the market

Thank you and have a wonderful week.