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This training session will show you all of the systems we use here at AJI, please click the link below to register for an upcoming session.

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For any questions regarding the SkySlope system, the support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Click on support at the top right hand side once you log in, and you will have access to video tutorials which walk you through step by step on how to use the system, or you can use their live chat anytime.

Phone: 1 800 507 4117


Click the link below to watch a short tutorial on how to complete the commission tab in our transaction management system SkySlope.

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If real estate has three words–location, location, location–then building your file has three words, document, document, document. You must document everything about your file in a way that is understandable to anyone who looks at it. All documentation must be done within SkySlope. How to Document Emails and Conversation Logs

    • Copy all emails for a transaction to the SkySlope address for that transaction.

(a) Best practice: Give the SkySlope email address to all contacts for the transaction: lender, other agent(s), Title/Escrow, anyone who communicates to you.

(b) All emails not copied to the SkySlope address for a transaction must forwarded to the SkySlope address.

(c) Here is a guide to using the email features of SkySlope: If you have further questions, contact SkySlope support.

    • Conversation Log – Two Options

(a) Enter all conversation log items into the log section of SkySlope.

(b)If you use a handwritten conversation log, scan it to a PDF and ask SkySlope to add a folder in the transaction called Conversation Log. Upload to that folder.

–   All executed documents must be uploaded to SkySlope within 48 hours of execution.

–   Executed means that the parties have signed. (Buyer and seller on a purchase contract. Seller and agent on a listing agreement). While we want all signatures, dates and initials completed, if you are missing an initial or date you must still upload the document within 48 hours. It will be marked incomplete while you are obtaining what is missing.

–   This is two calendar days not two business days.

–   Failure to upload documents in a timely fashion could subject you to citations from the BRE.

–   In the event of an audit if you have a listing on the MLS or a complaint from a client and the related documents are not uploaded to SkySlope you could be subject to severe penalties.

–   It is a violation of your fiduciary duties to your client to not provide for broker review of transaction documents as quickly as possible.

Please upload any commission instructions from Escrow into SkySlope and send through DigiSign for Signature. Once they have been signed, you will receive an automatic email notification and the signed copy will go into the Documents tab for the file in SkySlope.

Send to your designated State Broker for signature, commission instructions sent to any other email address will be returned.

Attached below is a video on how to use the digisign feature

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Remember that when you are filling out the commission tab in SkySlope, anything that is being deducted from your commission amount needs to be listed at the bottom underneath Disbursement Information, or Other Deductions. For example any transaction coordinator fee, home warranty, or a credit to the buyer/seller etc. Please let me know if you have any questions

We strongly encourage Transaction Coordinators to join one of our weekly training sessions which are every Tuesday and Thursday. They will learn the correct way to use the key systems here at AJI. If your TC has not attended a training session yet, please have them register for one using the link below

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Once a document has been uploaded into SkySlope, due to compliance you are unable to delete it. If you have uploaded an incorrect document into the checklist, please make a note in the comments box to notify your Broker to reject the document so you are able to upload the correct one in its place.

If you have forgotten your login information for SkySlope, click on the link below to have your password emailed you

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Have you had an issue uploading a document that exceeds the size limit into SkySlope? The great team at SkySlope support have suggested that if you run into this problem compress the file using the link below. Remember SkySlope support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help with any issues. 

​CDA revisions must be corrected on the original Commission Disbursement Authorization and sent back to , and also to the SkySlope property file email address.  We will then have the CDA corrected and back to you within 2 business days.​

Please make sure that you’re aware of the due date for your monthly plan fees. If your payment does not process after two attempts, the system will automatically charge you a $25 fee which will be added to your delinquent payment. For any questions regarding payments, please contact our Accounting Specialist Shannon Chiariello at

The SkySlope support team is continuously working to make the system easier for Agents to use. They have added a new ‘Task’ tab each property file. This is where you will be able to create reminders for each file and sync those with your Google and Outlook calendars.

Any commission checks which are made payable to Allison James Estates and Homes and mailed to the Corporate Office for deposit will now be uploaded into the SkySlope property file checklist with the received date.

This will help to clarify when the check has been received, and deposited into our commission account. If you are unsure whether we have received a specific check, please look in SkySlope to see if the check has been uploaded into the ‘Commission/ Transaction Fee Check’ area on the checklist.

If you have any questions, please contact our Accounting Department

866-463-5780 x 3

If you are taking out an e-commission for an upcoming closing, please make sure to include the amount payable to commission express in the SkySlope commission tab. This information needs to be put under Other Deductions at the bottom of the page. Also, please provide our accounting department with the commission express paperwork in regards to the file.

We greatly appreciate your assistance with this. Please contact our Accounting Department with any questions Accounting Department

866-463-5780 X3

We now have a one stop area to view all upcoming events! You will be able to view and register for upcoming live events including happy hours, workshops and also webinars. We are continually working to provide the best educational resources for our agents which is why we also have outside webinars from the best in the Real Estate Industry including Inman News, SkySlope, LoneWolf, NAR etc. Please feel free to sign up for as many of these events as you would like!

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Please click on the link below, and select forgot username at the top right hand corner. Your username and password will be automatically emailed to you, and you can change that information when you login to your account.