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How to Join Sacramento: Association of REALTORS®

There are 3 main boards of Realtors in the Sacramento area that you can choose from.

Metrolist is the main MLS provider for much of Northern California. The board of Realtors that you join is not nearly as important as having the MLS access that you need to service your area.

If you live in Sacramento proper, the most applicable board is the Sacramento Association of Realtors. (SAR)

Outside the Sacramento area would be the El Dorado County Association of Realtors (EDCAR) or the Placer County Association of Realtors.

(Please Google these boards of Realtors and see which one is closest to where you live)

You should join the one that is closest to you, however the main focus is that you have have access to the appropriate MLS for your area.

You will need to join the Board of Realtors within 21 days of hanging your license with us.

When you join the local board of Realtors, you will also be joining:

National Association of Realtors
California Association of Realtors
Local Association of Realtors (your choice of SAR,  PCAR,  EDCAR, etc)

The local MLS service provider for most all of Northern California  is Metrolist, and you will have access to this through whichever board of Realtors you choose from above.

There are various areas, (including the Bay Area) that may be on a different MLS system; please check with your local broker if this is applicable for you.

The board of Realtors provides many benefits with your membership, including access to legal forms and contracts, local training events, Key Card Access for showing homes, MLS training, and much more.

Please contact your most applicable board of Realtors directly to see how much it will cost for you to join as a new or returning member, and how their billing cycle works:




To join NAR, CAR, Metrolist, and your local association of Realtors:

1) Please follow the license transfer instructions to hang your license with our brokerage.
Once received, your broker will accept your transfer request and your license will be certified and under Allison James Estates and Homes. If you need the license transfer instructions resent to you; please contact

Once your license is certified:

2) Go to the website of the board you wish to join and download their membership application.



PCAR:     (You will need to call PCAR and request they send you a new member package via email)

In addition, you will also need to fill out a MetroList application, for any of these boards of Realtors.

Information you will need (The same for either board)

Brokerage/Firm Name: Allison James Estates and Homes

Office Address and Metrolist ID’s: (choose the address that is most applicable to where you live)

  • 210 South Sierra Avenue Ste 6 Oakdale CA 95361  Metrolist Office ID: 01ALLJ
  • 1024 Iron Point Road Ste 100 Folsom CA 95630  Metrolist Office ID: 01ALLJ09
  • 9245 Laguna Springs Dr Ste 200 Elk Grove 95758 Metrolist Office ID: 01ALLJ08
Office Phone: 888-446-5552
Your brokers name: Jeff Green
Your brokers contact info:    209-495-2200

3) Once you have completed the Metrolist and Board of Realtors paperwork, please send to your broker Jeff Green for digital signature. You can use DigiSign in SkySlope.  Once signed by Jeff Green, please submit your membership package to the board of Realtors (their contact information and submission information can be found on the forms)

4) You will then need to go into your local board of Realtors in person to sign up for your new member orientation (if applicable) as well as obtain your  Key Card for showing homes. You can also purchase a lockbox at the local board of Realtors. Their office locations are  listed on their respective websites.

5) Alternatively, you can simply request a membership package to fill out by hand for whichever board you choose.    To do this, please email Jeff Jabbora and request a membership package for the board you will be joining.

If you have any questions, please contact Jeff Jabbora directly at 760-419-2089  or