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You may have heard that Allison James Estates & Homes is a 100% commission brokerage committed to making a change with real estate agents nationwide. Enough to pique your interest, right?

But, here’s the cool thing: not only do our agents keep 100% of their commission–they also have a full support team and complimentary access to top-of-the-line technology-based platforms and resources, such as kvCORE.

If you’re finding yourself wondering what kvCORE is, keep reading.

KvCORE is a CRM and Lead Generation System that has changed how our agents gain leads, increase engagement, market their services, and automate their businesses. 

When you join Allison James Estates & Homes, you get access to the kvCORE platform at no extra cost. Seriously.

Our agents are at the heart of our business, and it is our goal to transform the way REALTORS® work in the industry. That’s why we offer the support and tools that we do.

If you’re interested in joining our brokerage and discovering new ways to better your business with applications like kvCORE, click here.