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Get More Listings & Leads with Instagram

Learn the strategies that will help you connect with people, stand out, look professional, get recognized, and effortlessly get listings from Instagram.

– How to “fix” your profile, accounts, and pages. Get them set up the RIGHT way, so you’re positioned to get the most out of your social media presence.

–  5 easy ways to “activate” your contacts and connections on Instagram. Non-sleazy ways to form a genuine and sincere connection with people who end up as long-term clients.

– The 7-Point Profile Checklist. How to pick a profile pic that looks professional, how to nail your bio (has to be short yet complete), best use of hashtags, how to link to your website, and much more.

– Plus: 6-Point ADVANCED Profile Checklist. How to use Story Highlights, Cover Images, auto-posting, tagging, and a lot more so you get even more juice out of the squeeze.

– Don’t make these mistakes with your Instagram posts. How you engage people… and how you’re SEEN engaging people will make or break it (trust me, people are watching you even if they never like or comment on anything).

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