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1.) How many states are we licensed in? 15

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2.) What boards and states are we apart of? 

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ARIZONA                             MARYLAND /DC                    NEW HAMPSHIRE                    PENNSYLVANIA                VIRGINIA
CALIFORNIA                        MASSACHUSETTS                NORTH CAROLINA                 TENNESSEE
FLORIDA                              NEVADA                                OREGON                                   TEXAS



3.) What tools/training does AJI offer ?

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               4.) Q: What are our three plans/ fee structure?

Aji has 3 different plans to choose from. Click here to learn more.

               5.) Q:Are There Any Hidden Fees?

Allison James Estates and Homes has the simplest programs in the true 100% brokerage industry with just 3 plans and absolutely no hidden fees. We believe in the old truism of keeping it simple.

6.) How many agents do you have? 

Allison James had over 1200 agents continues to grow every day!

7.) Who is your E and O carrier? CNA

9.) What’s your E&O coverage? This will vary from 1 million – 2 million depending on the state.

9.) Who is your broker in … state? 

Click here we will introduce you to our state Brokers.

10.) How long have you been in Business?

Allison James has been in the Real Estate Business since 2008. Click here to learn more.

11.) Do You Have Offices?

Allison James Estates and Homes has corporate offices in both Southern California and Southern Florida, as well as state offices in all 18 states in which we operate. In addition to the corporate and state offices, our Realtors have a choice of opening their own offices and currently the Realtors of Allison James Estates and Homes operate 58 offices nationwide.

12.) Team

You have the ability to create and build your own team. Every agent on your team must sign up with AJI and pick a plan. Any splits agreements you have with your  team members will be between you and your agents .

               13.) What about opening an office

If you would like to have an office presence you can either open an office of your own which will run through as a branch office  through AJI or many other agents rent a suite as well, however, you would be responsible for any costs.