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State Transfer Instructions

     1.)  You will need to have both a form 504 and a 505 filled out.
A. The form 505 is the termination from your previous Company.
B. The form 504 is the activation/transfer to us, your new Company.

• Please complete your information above Section 1.
• We have completed Section 1 with our Company Information
• Please complete and sign Section 8
• Please insert your name in the blank section of Section 9. Do not sign, as this will be signed by your Broker Ron Ventura.
• Please complete page 4

Contact the Nevada Real Estate Division (NRED) if you have any questions at (702) 486-4033.

All signatures must be original and you must pay NRED the application fees.
Please physically mail or bring the completed form with payment to the Broker’s office.  

Broker’s Office Address:

            2501 N Green Valley Pkwy, Suite 130-D
            Henderson, NV 89014

C. Please have the 505 form filled out and signed by your previous broker.
D. Please have the 504 form filled out with all of your information, but do not fill in our office information.

     2.)  Once the application is received, your Broker will sign their portion and have it delivered to the Real Estate Division.
     3.)  In about 14 business days, the Broker will receive a copy of your license and will contact you to notify you that the transfer has been complete.

** Please note- do not fill out anything using a digital signature program. NRED requires original wet signature from both you and the broker in order to process.

Nevada Broker

Ron Ventura
Association Transfer Instructions 
Complete the required information on the RSAR Office Transfer Form
Email the form to for signature
Karen will sign, and send the completed form back to you.
Please send the completed form

GLVAR Transfer and Drop Notice Form
Complete the top section of the GLVAR Transfer and Drop Notice Form
Send this form to your previous broker to complete the ‘Dropped From’ section
Once completed, please sign and send to your broker Ron Ventura for Signature
Fax to GLVAR at (702) 732-1304

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